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    Real estate prices in the general Athens area have plunged so low that in some cases houses are sold at one tenth of their market price, according to data posted in the General Secretariat of Information Systems.

    In the first quarter of 2017, there were houses in certain areas of Athens that were sold at 100 euros per square meter while the zone price was 1,250 euros per sq.m..

    Alexis Tsipras’s government gets caught in a fight between Germany and the IMF


    On the eve of the Conference on Cyprus, we feel compelled to express our views on the Cyprus negotiations on behalf of the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC), the International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA), the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (FCAO), the American Hellenic Institute (AHI), the American Hellenic Council (AHC), the Hellenic Federation of New Jersey, and the Coordinated Effort of Hellenes (CEH). Our community has worked with successive US Administrations on behalf of a workable and lasting solution on Cyprus. In 2004, when we warned that the flawed Annan Plan was headed in the wrong direction, some officials defamed us as “rejectionists,” “hard liners,” or as “not having a bottom line.” Yet history proved us right and the officials predicting a landslide victory in 2004 wrong. At this key moment in Cyprus’ history, we have decided that it is time for us to speak out, warn against false steps, and describe an agreement that we may be able to support.

    The Greek Cypriot administration is reported to have started drilling for oil in the Eastern Mediterranean.
    The Israeli media say that the Israeli partnered American company Noble has started exploration on Monday.
    According to the Globes website, the company Noble has started drilling for natural gas with ten days to go before the expiry of the agreement it struck with the Greek Cypriot administration.
    A Greek Cypriot news agency has said that the company employees were carried by helicopter to a platform set up in the region from Limasol.

    This is a Greek endemic wild brown trout (salmo trutta fario dentex) caught on a size 18 Adams Parachute on a beautiful small stream in Greece. This is the third time I catch this fish; I suppose catch and release does work.

    Friday, 19 May 2017 13:54

    Resistence against Austerity

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    The election of Syriza was a great sign of hope for the Greek people and ordinary people everywhere. The European/American bankers are enforcing an austerity program in Greece, producing shocking youth unemployment – 65% – and driving many to suicide. Gnawing at Syriza, they seek at this moment to steal pensions.

    Friday, 12 May 2017 10:34

    Greece Wind Energy Market on the Rise

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    Greece’s wind energy sector showed signs of investment recovery during the second half of 2013, despite the adverse conditions, the Hellenic Wind Energy Association (ELETAEN) said on Thursday.

    Over the past six months, Ukraine has seen a crisis unprecedented in the nation’s post-Soviet era, one that has put into question the relations between Russia and its estern counterparts. Of course, Moscow is no stranger to international tensions; in the 21st century Russia has been involved in crises: Ukraine in 2006 and Georgia in 2009.

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