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    Sports tradition in Greece

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    Greece has a long history with sports, in fact, Greece was home to the first Olympic Games. Today, Greek athletes excel in a range of sports including athletics, basketball, water polo, swimming and the most popular sport - football(soccer).

    The Ancient Greek Olympic Games were rather different to today. There were much fewer events and only free men who spoke Greek could compete. They Games were always held at Olympia. winning athletes, like todays, were instant heroes and got their town or city of origin on the map. The events were boxing, equestrian events, chariot racing, riding, pankration (This event was a gruelling combination of boxing and wrestling.  Punches were allowed, although the fighters did not wear boxing gloves. Rules outlawed only biting and gouging an opponent's eyes, nose, or mouth
    with fingernails. Attacks such as kicking an opponent in the belly, which are against the rules in modern sports, were perfectly legal), the Pentathlon (Discuss, Javelin, Jump (a sport where the runner uses weights to jump the farthest), Running and Wrestling), Running and Wrestling.

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